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We have OFFICIALLY launched!


I want to hear it ALL!


What you liked, what you didn't like, what you want to see more of, the navigation, THE FEEL, the convenience... LET'S TALK!! We have been open since January 7, 2022 and it has been going GREAT! I cannot wait to see this grow, and I cannot thank you enough!

Judgement free zone :)

maybe... you liked a shirt but wanted it in a different color? Or you.. liked the earrings but they weren't really your style?! or you.. are thinking about a custom bag but want a different design?! 


OR, you just felt like chatting with some cool people, about things we all enjoy... clothes, and things that make us happy.


Whatever it is--


Happy sharing beautiful humans!



  • I love EVERYTHING on your site! Obviously the socks and clippies are a favorite of mine :) I can’t wait to see the dog items once they launch! So proud of you for doing this and taking the leap!!

  • I love Love LOVE everything about your styles & designs 🥰 The earings are Fabulous. The painting is Fantastic! 😍 The sweater is Devine 💓 The pants condortably fit my derriere. I love the clippies for my hair!
    So very, very proud of you my Beautiful Girl❣

  • I love how easy it is to see the passion you have in all of your work. It shows with all of the items you sell, make, your website detail, and your all of photos. I was very impressed with the quality of the everything I have received so far (hair clippys, shirt, socks, tote bag)! I have my eye on some earrings, several cards, and I can’t wait to see other custom Creatives by Jenna!! ❤️ Keep rocking it!!

  • Hi Sister! first off, CONGRATS on the launch. your site/vibes/aesthetic/creativity/passion is wilding stunning and so fun and loving. You are killing it. I love love love all youre doing. <3
    Some feed back for you: we need the dogs stuff asap. LOL. just sayin bc Waffles needs to step up his fashion game.
    Also, im a silver metals kinda gal. Maybe adding some silver accessories…?? :) :) and rings! Ive always thought you had the hottest stacks on your fingers before, so if you bring some rings to shop for —us girls who have no idea how to fashion our fingers i think ill speak for us, and we’d totally be in.
    and as for home goods…maybe this is silly, but Im thinking all about tumblers/mugs/all things beverage holders and i gravitate towards unique/fun ones the most. hehe just a thought.
    PS bring serpent earrings back lol.
    Anyway. this a novel. naturally. keep killing it babe! ILY !

  • I simple love the unique style & all of the love, hard work & dedication you have put it this. The little notes that are sent with purchases are the cherry on top 💓


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