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Mural Inquiry

Interested in a Mural for your home or business?

Then you have landed in the right place!

Every job is unique and customized to each client’s taste, vision, painting style desired, room size, wall surface, budget, etc.

The opportunities are endless, and the beauty starts with your imagination! Here at Creatives by Jenna there are no bad ideas. Whether you already have a plan for your mural, or haven't even had the chance to think about what you want painted, i've got you covered.

Please leave a detailed message answering the questions below to help me understand what you are wanting. Please leave 5-7 days for me to receive your request, reach out for any questions, draw sketches if necessary, put together a quote, and get back to you with your masterpiece!


1. Where are you located? Where will the mural be painted?

2. Do you have a theme? (ex: jungle, color blocking, abstract)

3. How large is it? (W x H) 

4. Will you prep the base color, or will you have me do it? (white or primed base)

5. How many paint colors would you like to use? (ESTIMATE)

6. Do you have a finish date you need this done by?

All murals will be quoted and 1/2 will be paid for before starting the project. Once I have finished the mural the other 1/2 will be paid within 3 days.


We will be in touch with you soon.